Spiritual Journey

Are you interested in finding out more about the experiences of Rissho Kosei-kai (RK) members? People have come to RK from various backgrounds, and you see many reasons why they started practising. How do they practise? What merits or spiritual growth have they attained? The stories shared here will show you the paths where some of our family members have walked.

Grateful life – Spiritual journey in the UK #1

Spiritual journey in the UK #2

Believing that everyone possesses buddha-nature

Listening attentively to the voices of suffering people

How the teaching helps me control my anger and purify my mind

Realising the importance of putting compassion into action

How my daughter’s illness taught me the true meaning of happiness

The Buddha has other plans for me

The two teachers who guided me on the Way

The power to live that I found through sutra recitation

The happiness I found through following the Way

The two years at Hoju Vocational College that changed my life

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