Time and Date
Thursday, 15 July (7:00 – 8:00 pm)

London Buddhist Centre
(Broadcasted on Zoom)

Open to Anyone

Ullambana ceremony

The Ullambana ceremony is a traditional Buddhist ritual, observed in Japan in summer since ancient times. We also sincerely conduct the service for the ancestors’ and the deceased loved ones’ attainment of buddhahood.

According to the Ullambana Sutra, one of Shakyamuni’s major disciples, Maudgalyayana (Mogallana in Pali), was able to rescue his mother from the realm of hungry spirits by the merits that he and his fellow monks attained through reciting sutras. Similarly, we gather at this ceremony to chant Kyoten (the Lotus Sutra) in remembrance and appreciation. The ancestors’ and the deceased loved one’s names can be called during the recitation by certified Dharma Teachers.
We also watch a video about the significance of the Ullambana ceremony.

How do we face up to our lives in the context of a larger flow of life? How do we find a right way to live?
This event is open to anyone, including non-members. We are happy to welcome you all. You can keep the mic and video off.

Online Programme
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Volunteer Practice to Serve at the Centre
You can pop in the preparation in the afternoon of the day. To find out more, please visit here.

Free. Your donation would be highly appreciated.



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