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Every two weeks on Thursdays
(4:00 – 5:00 pm)

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Joint study session with transatlantic Sangha

Enhance our learning and understanding of the Dharma with the broader online communities in Europe, the United States and Brazil. Now, this session offers lectures on basic and Mahayana Buddhis, meditation, Hoza (a Dharma circle) and Dharma journey talks appropriately. We carry out sutra recitation before each session.

The latest table of contents:

  • 18 February
    Our guest speaker Rev Taishi Kato, a Shinto priest and the coauthor of Shinto Moments, gives a talk about the Japanese indigenous religion that had been syncretised with Buddhism in history.

This event is open to anyone. We are happy to welcome all of you who are interested in RK. You can keep your mic unmuted and your video off.

Study and education programme like this session is one of the ways to learn and understand the Dharma, by which we open the Buddha’s teachings and study the profound spirit. By understanding the significance of each practice in terms of doctrines, we can more diligently practise with joy. To learn about our perspectives about Dharma study, please read here.

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