Shapers of Japanese Buddhism

By Yusen Kashiwahara and Koyu Sonoda

The many unique facets of Japanese Buddhism are the result of more than thirteen centuries of interaction between clergy and laity in the context of varied social conditions. The twenty biographies and seventy-five sketches of eminent Japanese priests and lay Buddhists from the sixth through the twentieth centuries in this book reveal both the individual and the societal aspects of the evolution of Buddhism in Japan–a process that began with the introduction of Buddhist texts and practices from Korea and China. The life stories of these shapers of Japanese Buddhism are told in straightforward language easily accessible to general readers. All major historical figures, documents and special terms that appear in the text are fully identified in the appendix, glossary and index, which render the book an invaluable reference for students and scholars of Buddhism as well.

Yusen Kashiwahara is professor of the history of Japanese Buddhism at Otani University.

Koyu Sonoda is professor of the history of Japanese Buddhism at Kansai University.

379 pp. 15.2 x 2.3 x 22.9 cm (Paperback)





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