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Terrorism incited by religious extremism has made the world unsafe, and no community is safe from terrorism of the kind fomented by ISIS.

Poverty and discrimination have made many people, especially the young, feel that they have no future. Some turn to violence, which they seek to justify by false interpretations of religion.

Genuine religion liberates people from suffering and addresses social injustices. Unfortunately, false religion exploited by extremists only increases suffering, both of the assailants and their victims.

In many parts of the world, claims for narrow national interests gain public acceptance. This trend might further divide many communities and foster exclusiveness, and as a result incite violence among those who feel alienated.

The solution is for religious organizations and communities to work harder to remedy social injustices and inequalities, while tackling the forces that divide the world today and cultivating in people’s minds a reverence for all life.

To find out how to do that, we will feature essays by religious leaders and experts in diverse fields of religious and social studies.

How People of Faith Can Tackle Extremism (Nobuhiro Masahiro Nemoto)
Islam Beyond Extremism (A. Rashied Omar)
The Connection between Religion and Extremism (Olav Fykse Tveit)
Religious Leaders and Their Roles in Tackling Violent Extremism (Suphatmet Yunyasit)
Terrorism: Religious or Political? (M. Din Syamsuddin)
No Religion Is Terrorist: The Myth of Religious Violence (Indunil J. Kodithuwakku K.)
Understanding and Responding to Violence in the Name of Religion (David Rosen)
The Potential for Dialogue with Violent Extremism and the Role of Religious Professionals (Yoshiaki Sanada)

Savoring Our Encounters (Dominick Scarangello)
Kenji Miyazawa: Embodying the Lotus Sutra, with Mistakes and Failures (1) (Gene Reeves)
Being a Person of Faith (Nomfundo Walaza)
Speaking Truth in the Kremlin (Nikkyo Niwano)
Do You Think Positively or Negatively? (Nichiko Niwano)
The Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Law
Chapter 25: The All-Sidedness of the Bodhisattva Regarder of the Cries of the World (7)

Published semiannually, Dharma World is a magazine that presents Buddhism as a practical living religion and promotes interreligious dialogue for world peace. It espouses views that emphasise the dignity of life, seeks to rediscover our inner nature and bring our lives more in accord with it, and investigates causes of human suffering. It tries to show how religious principles help solve problems in daily life and how the least application of such principles has wholesome effects on the world around us. It seeks to demonstrate truths that are fundamental to all religions, truths on which all people can act.




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