Raising Up Bodhisattvas in the Modern Ages

By George A. Mullins

The driving force behind Rissho Kosei-kai’s amazing growth and commitment to interfaith dialogue and peace initiatives is Nikkyo Niwano’s devotion to the Lotus Sutra and the Bodhisattva Ideal. These instilled in him a great compassion for humankind that transcended nationality, race and religion. The role of the Bodhisattva Ideal and Way in the 21st century as exemplified in the life, words and deeds of Nikkyo Niwano is the subject of this volume.

  1. Buddhist Background of the Bodhisatta Ideal
  2. The Essence of Mahayana Buddhism: The Bodhisattva Ideal
  3. Contents and Emphasis of the Lotus Sutra
  4. History of the Lotus Sutra in Japan
  5. Summary of the Threefold Lotus Sutra
  6. The Charisma of Nikkyo Niwano and His Call
  7. Nikkyo Niwano: A Modern Buddhist
  8. The Application of the Bodhisattva Ideal
  9. Rissho Kosei-kai and the Sangha
  10. Unlimited Service
  11. The Bodhisattva Way in the Twenty-first Century

141 pp. 15.2 x 0.9 x 22.6 cm (Paperback)




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