Greening the Deserts

by Seiei Tohyama and Masao Tohyama

This is the inspiring story of two Japanese scientists who set out to transform the world’s deserts into farms and forests. Their tale begins with a visit to China’s losses desert in 1935 and continues through the present day, taking us to the seaside dunes of Japan, the salt deserts of Mexico, the travelling dunes of Egypt, and the windswept desert plateau of Iran. Marshalling technical knowledge, common sense, and international corps of volunteers, this father-son team has brought orchards, vegetable gardens, and trees to once barren lands, convincing sceptical government officials and local residents that their deserts can indeed be made to bloom. In accessible language and with infectious enthusiasm, the Tohyamas present their unique solution to the pressing problems of desertification and food production for a burgeoning world population.

Seiei Tohyama is a professor emeritus of Tottori University, and Masao Tohyama is an assistant professor at the Arid Land Research Center of Tottori University. In 1993, they won the Yoshikawa Eiji Cultural Prize.

200 pp. 12.7 x 1.9 x 21 cm (Paperback)






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