Time and Date
Saturday, 20 January – Saturday, 3 February 2023 (6:00 – around 7:00 am)

(London Buddhist Centre and Zoom)

Open to Anyone

Mid-winter sutra recitation

Mid-winter sutra recitation is the occasion where we gather together at our London Buddhist Centre and on Zoom to recite the entire Threefold Lotus Sutra for 15 days. We will do o-daimoku chanting at the end of each day.

Mid-winter sutra recitation is one of the best opportunities to make our vows and put them into practice. The wondrous power of the intensive recitation in the harshest winter season will purify our hearts and minds with the Buddha watching over and safeguarding our bodhisattva practices.

This event is open to anyone, including non-members. We are happy to welcome you all.



20 January

  • The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings – 1 (The Virtuous Practices)
  • The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings – 2 (Expounding the Dharma)
  • The Sutra of Innumerable Meanings – 3 (Ten Merits)

21 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 1 (Introductory)

22 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 2 (Skilful Means)

23 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 3 (A Parable)

24 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 4 (Faith and Understanding)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 5 (The Parable of the Medicinal Herbs)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 6 (Giving Assurance of Buddhahood)

25 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 7 (The Parable of the Conjured City)

26 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 8 (The Assurance of Buddhahood Given to the Five Hundred Disciples)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 9 (The Assurance Given to Those Trained and Still in Training)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 10 (Teachers of the Dharma)

27 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 11 (The Appearance of the Jeweled Stupa)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 12 (Devadatta)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 13 (Encouragement to Hold Firm)

28 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 14 (Peaceful and Agreeable Practices)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 15 (Springing Up Out of the Earth)

29 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 16 (The Life Span of the Eternal Tathagata)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 17 (Specification of Merits)

30 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 18 (The Merits of Rejoicing)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 19 (The Merits of the Teachers of the Dharma)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 20 (The Bodhisattva Never Unworthy of Respect)

31 January

  • The Lotus Sutra – 21 (The Transcendent Powers of the Tathagata)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 22 (The Entrustment)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 23 (The Former Deeds of the Bodhisattva Medicine King)

1 February

  • The Lotus Sutra – 24 (The Bodhisattva Wondrous Sound)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 25 (The Bodhisattva Regarder of the Sounds of the World as Universal Gateway)

2 February

  • The Lotus Sutra – 26 (Dharanis)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 27 (The Former Deeds of King Wondrous Adornment)
  • The Lotus Sutra – 28 (Encouragement from the Bodhisattva Universal Sage)

3 February

  • The Sutra of the Method for Contemplating the Bodhisattva Universal Sage


To attend this event

Please feel free to contact us using the form below, specifying the event’s name in the enquiry, because the contact form doesn’t automatically indicate which event page you sent the message from. The host will get back to you soon.


Free. Your donation would be highly appreciated.
Please make sure you have the Threefold Lotus Sutra (Rissho Kosei-kai International, 2019) ready in advance.



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